A new reporting system, campaign and pilot tracking system improve safe gliding

The follow-up of the recommendation by the Gliding Safety Committee, part of the Royal Netherlands Aeronautical Association (KNVvL), is adequate. The response from the Safety Committee shows that the lessons learned from the investigation are being brought to the attention of the Dutch gliding clubs. The new reporting system and poster campaign contribute to a club’s safety management system. The pilot tracking system can contribute to the ability of a club’s safety management system to take into account a members’ recent flying experience.

On 18 May 2021, the Dutch Safety Board published a report about a prematurely disconnected cable during a glider’s winch launch and issued a recommendation to the KNVvL.

The full response of the Dutch Safety Board on the follow-up to the recommendations can be found on the investigation page: ‘Loss of control after interrupted winch launch, Rolladen-Schneider LS8-18, Gilze-Rijen Air Base