On Friday 10 June and Saturday 11 June 2016, the Royal Netherlands Air Force organised its Open Air Days at Leeuwarden air base. The period from Tuesday 7 until Thursday 9 June were rehearsal days.

On 9 June 2016 around 16.15 hours a mid-air collision between two aircraft was reported near Leeuwarden. The collision happened between two aircraft of the Swiss Air Force’s display team Patrouille Suisse. After the collision, one aircraft was able to return to Leeuwarden air base and landed uneventfully. The other aircraft crashed in a pond in the area near Bitgum after the pilot had ejected from the aircraft. The pilot fell through the glass roof of a greenhouse. He was taken to hospital for examination and treatment of injuries.

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The Royal Netherlands Air Force, organiser of the Open Air Days at Leeuwarden air base decided not to investigate the accident. Investigation results of the Swiss authorities are used for both flight safety and legal purposes. For that reason, and because the accident took place in Dutch airspace, the Dutch Safety Board started an independent investigation into the accident, for safety purposes only. Beside this safety investigation a criminal investigation was started by the (Dutch) Public Prosecutor for military affairs, which did not result in further prosecution.

Besides this report, a Dutch summary has been published.


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