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About Road traffic

  • Road traffic

    Although there are still many road transport accidents and victims, the trend is actually positive. In their own way, the many different parties involved in road transport, including government institutions, companies and private individuals, are all trying to make our roads safer. Technical developments are helping to bring us ever closer to this goal.

    However, there is still more that needs to be done. The Dutch Safety Board’s role in all this is not really to investigate individual cases. This is because other parties already investigate (serious) accidents, in order to establish whether criminal acts were involved or whether claim settlement is needed. However, such inquiries hardly ever look at the safety issues. The Dutch Safety Board will look at the reports and at the accident data to see whether there is a serious or systematic safety problem that people are unaware of and whether there are ways to improve matters. This is why in almost all cases our investigations in this sector will be special investigations about a particular issue or issues.