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About Industry, pipelines and networks

  • Industry, pipelines and networks

    The sector Industry, pipelines and networks covers a wide range of subjects in which investigations are conducted. These investigations can be conducted into a single accident or a series of accidents collected around a theme.

    This sector pays attention to the following areas:

    • Industrial activities such as the process industry, the oil and gas industry (including offshore) and the production of electricity
    • Pipeline transportation of gas and liquids
    • Networks for telecommunication, data transfer and electricity


    Accidents in this sector potentially can have a great effect on the perception of safety within society. For example accidents in industry and with pipelines can have a great impact on the vicinity. Disruption of networks will have an impact as Dutch society is increasingly dependent on the adequate performance of these networks.
    According to the Dutch Safety Board Act some specific accidents in this sector are to be reported to the Board. This concerns major accidents in the industry in which hazardous materials are processed as described in the European guideline nr. 96/82/EG and accidents with pipelines. For these specific major accidents within the industry the Board is obliged to investigate.
    The investigations in this sector are carried out by the Board’s own in-house investigators. If necessary external specialist are assigned to the team.

    Reporting an incident

    If a pipeline incident occurs which meet the criteria of a category 1 incident, the gas network managers need to report the incident immediately by phone to:

    A. Dutch Safety Board’s emergency number 0800–6353 688
    B. Kiwa Gas Technology’s fault-reporting numbers: 055-539 3328 during office hours; 06-5328 7332 outside office hours

    In the event of a serious incident which meet the criteria of a category 2 incident, the regional gas network managers need to report the incident by fax or email to the Dutch Safety Board within 5 working days.

    The Dutch Safety Board’s email address:
    The Dutch Safety Board’s fax number: 070 – 3337078.

    On behalf of the system of central notification and recording of accidents gas-related pipeline incidents also need to be reported by fax to Kiwa Gas Technology using a notification form for gas incidents (‘meldingsformulier gasongevallen’).

    Kiwa Gas Technology’s fax number: 055 – 539 3223