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About Crisis management and relief

  • Crisis management and relief

    This sector concentrates on assessing the responses from administrative and operational players in the wake of an incident. This means that its area of operations chiefly relates to public duties. In many cases, the immediate cause of the incident will be investigated by another sector of the Dutch Safety Board, in which case the sectors involved will cooperate closely with one another. Even if the cause of an incident is not considered important enough for the Board to carry out an investigation, it may find it worthwhile to monitor the events that occur after the incident. In this context, the actions of the operational services and the administrators involved could be the subject of an investigation. Furthermore, in some cases there are incidents where the emergency services themselves are involved and where an investigation could result in useful recommendations.

    An investigation not only looks at the actual action taken but also at the way in which crises and accidents are prepared for. In principle, we do not investigate public order disturbances or criminal acts such as terrorism that have far-reaching consequences. All the same, the response by the emergency services in the wake of an attack may be a suitable subject for an investigation.