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About Construction and service

  • Construction and service

    The sector Construction and services has an elaborate working terrain in which five types of safety can be distinguished. These are workers safety, fire safety, constructive safety, safety of products and services and environmental safety.
    The Construction and services sector is subdivided into two categories as follows:


    A. Areas covered by the heading Construction:

    • preparing sites for building work (incl. demolition, asbestos disposal, earthmoving)
    • civil construction and utility construction (incl. infrastructure construction)
    • installation sector
    • completion work on buildings (plasterers, glaziers etc.)
    • leasing machines with personnel.

    B. Areas covered by the heading Services include:

    • commercial services (office cleaners etc.)
    • storage, transportation and communication
    • hotel and catering industry (incl. hotels, holiday parks, camping grounds)
    • environmental services (waste cleaning, soil sanitation)
    • sport (swimming pools, outdoor sport, water sports)
    • daytrips (events, multi-purpose buildings, playgrounds, amusement parks etc.)
    • wholesale and retail sectors (incl. petrol stations)
    • other services (chemical washing plants, beauty industry etc.).

    Within this broad field of operations, there are five basic safety issues that we must distinguish between. These are:

    • work safety (risk of industrial accidents)
    • fire safety (risk of fires and explosions)
    • structural safety (risk of building collapse and of falling sections)
    • safety of products and services (risks for chance passersby, customers or users)
    • environmental risks

    The investigations in this sector are carried out by the Board’s own in-house investigators, with a specialist guidance committee advising this sector on the basis of the results of the investigation.