During take-off at a speed of approximately 130 knots the captain, who was pilot flying, rejected the take-off above the decision speed because he experienced a heavy elevator control force at rotation. The stabilizer warning sounded during the entire take-off roll. The aircraft overran the runway end and came to a stop in the soft soil. During subsequent evacuation one cabin crew member and a few passengers sustained minor injuries. The aircraft sustained substantial damage. There was no fire.

Runway overrun after rejected take-off, MD-88, Groningen Airport Eelde


Beter toezicht op buitenlandse luchtvaartmaatschappijen noodzakelijk

Negeren waarschuwingssignaal veroorzaakte ongeval Onur Air

Het ongeval met een vliegtuig van de Turkse chartermaatschappij Onur Air op de luchthaven Groningen Airport Eelde op 17 juni 2003 werd…

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