Study into safety, care and support for persons with a serious psychiatric disorder

The Dutch Safety Board is conducting a study into the safety of persons with a serious psychiatric disorder and their environment. The aim of this study is to gain a broader understanding of the challenges and dilemmas that care providers and support workers face in organising safety and proper care for this vulnerable group with complex problems.

In order to illuminate the dynamics in, between and over the various domains (i.e., the care, safety and societal domains), the Dutch Safety Board will make use of patient histories. As the care and support needs of persons with a serious psychiatric disorder may change significantly over time and often concern different areas of life, these persons depend on a variety of care and support services. The Dutch Safety Board will include the role of information in its study and will pay attention to collaboration, innovation and doctor-patient confidentiality. It will also look at the influence of financial control in relation to professional responsibility. This study by the Dutch Safety Board was prompted by a number of deaths and other serious incidents involving persons with a serious psychiatric disorder.
This study is distinct from the study into safety with regard to the rehabilitation of detainees who undergo psychiatric treatment and patients detained under hospital order that was announced by the Dutch Safety Board at the end of December 2017, following a request by the mayor of Zeist.