Final convoy with MH17 wreckage arrives in the Netherlands

The fourth and final convoy carrying wreckage from flight MH17 arrived at Gilze-Rijen air force base today. A total of sixteen trucks loaded with parts of the wreckage travelled from Ukraine to the Netherlands over the past week. The shipment was carried out in four convoys. Having arrived at the air force base, the wreckage will now be investigated. Efforts will also be made to reconstruct part of the aircraft.

Following lengthy preparations, the recovery of MH17 wreckage commenced on Sunday, 16 November under the authority of the Dutch Safety Board. The mission had the opportunity to work at the crash site for six consecutive days. Preparations were then made to ship the wreckage, which was transported by train from Torez to Chakov on 23 November. The Dutch Safety Board's recovery effort was conducted with the assistance of local emergency services and Dutch military personnel. The Ministry of Defence was also responsible for shipping the wreckage to the Netherlands.
Once the train with parts of the wreckage had arrived in Charkov, preparations were made for transportation to the Netherlands. The first convoy of four trucks embarked on its journey from Charkov to the Netherlands on 3 December. The first two convoys arrived at Gilze-Rijen air force base on Tuesday, 9 December. This event was attended by over 40 next of kin.
The Dutch Safety Board is leading the international investigation into the cause and course of the crash. The investigation team will be basing its efforts on multiple sources of information, including the Cockpit Voice Recorder, Flight Data Recorder and information provided by air traffic control. In addition to potentially yielding new insights, the wreckage investigation will also be used to verify information from other sources. The Dutch Safety Board will endeavour to publish the final report in the summer of 2015.