Dutch Safety Board heading to disaster area

In the next few days, investigators from the international team investigating the cause of the crash will set out on several missions to the scene of the disaster. The investigation on the basis of other sources, such as photographs, satellite images and the data recorders (black boxes) will also continue. The missions to the disaster area will focus on verifying the information already obtained from other sources, searching for possible new information and seizing materials that could be relevant to the investigation, such as particular pieces of the wreckage. The fact that a great deal of information has already been gathered will allow the investigation team to examine the disaster area in a very specific and focussed manner.

A number of missions have been organised for investigating the disaster area. The security situation will be assessed for each mission. During the missions, the international investigation team will be supported by the security organisations in the area and will only access the disaster area under their supervision. The international investigation team, under the leadership of the Dutch Safety Board, will not examine the entire disaster area. It is also not their intention to collect all of the various pieces of the wreckage and transport them to the Netherlands. The team is searching for specific evidence and material. The investigation in Ukraine will certainly take another few days. The first factual information is expected in short term. This information will be made public, when exactly is yet unknown.

Various investigations

The investigation into the crash will be conducted by an international investigation team under the leadership of the Dutch Safety Board. This team will investigate the cause and circumstances of the crash on the basis of factual information. The Dutch Safety Board will thus provide an overview that is as comprehensive and undisputed as possible to the next of kin and the international community.
Alongside the international investigation under the leadership of the Dutch Safety Board, the Dutch government has initiated two further, ongoing investigations. One concerns an investigation into the identification and repatriation of victims by the National Team of Forensic Examination (LFTO). This large-scale team is expected to examine the entire disaster area in order to salvage and recover the victims and the personal belongings that are still there. The other investigation from the Dutch government is a criminal investigation under the leadership of the Public Prosecution Service (OM).