The Dutch Safety Board has initiated an investigation following the discovery of the pesticide fipronil in the food chain. This investigation will focus on areas including:

  • the institutions and organisations (both public and private) involved in food safety, with their respective roles in case of incidents; 
  • the role and functioning of the NVWA;
  • the individual responsibility and functioning of various parties in the food chain, including certification and self-regulation.

In conducting this investigation, the Safety Board will take account of the findings and recommendations of previous investigations into risks in the meat supply chain and salmonella in smoked salmon. The results of the investigation into fipronil in eggs, led by Ms Sorgdrager, will also be incorporated in this investigation.

Investigations conducted by the Board are aimed at enhancing safety and do not address issues of culpability or liability. The final report is expected to be published in the second half of 2018.


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