The single-engine aircraft took off for a VFR flight from runway 05 at Lelystad Airport. Its destination was Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. On board were the pilot and one passenger. The wind direction was 050, and the windspeed was 7 knots. The take-off proceeded normally, at full power and with the flaps at the ‘take-off’ (T/O) position. The rate of climb was higher than normal. At an altitude of approximately 150 feet, the power dropped from 95% to 35% on the indicator in a matter of seconds. It was immediately clear to the pilot that he had insufficient power to remain airborne, so he decided to land again immediately. He closed the throttle, set the flaps to the landing position and initiated the emergency landing.

The report can be found in the Quarterly Report Aviation for the third quarter of 2016.

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Theme Aviation

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