The Dutch Safety Board launched an investigation into formaldehyde emissions that took place at DuPont in Dordrecht (the Netherlands) between 10 and 12 August 2016. The investigation will focus on the immediate cause of the emissions and on any underlying causes, and will identify the lessons to be learnt for industry at large.

Due to the extent of the emissions, this incident comes within the scope of the Dutch Safety Board's mandatory investigation remit. Hence, it is not linked to earlier reports on employees' and residents' exposure to harmful substances.



Formaldehyde emissie

Bij de certificering van drukapparatuur moeten Brzo-bedrijven er op bedacht zijn dat alleen het ontwerp van de drukveiligheid wordt beoordeeld en niet het risico op emissies van gevaarlijke stoffen.

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Investigation data

Theme Industry

Start date research

Publication date report

Type Shortened Investigation

Status Completed

Phase Publication