The Dutch Safety Board published the final report into the fatal accident during a mortar shell exercise which took place in Mali on 6 July 2016. During this accident two Dutch soldiers were killed and a third Dutch soldier was seriously injured.

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The Board has found serious shortcomings in the concern for the safety of Dutch military personnel during the mission in Mali, both with regard to management of the ammunition and to military healthcare. Previous investigations conducted by the Board have brought similar patterns to light. Therefore the Board is concerned about the Defence organisation’s virtually indiscernible motivation to learn from events.
A culture of safety and safety awareness form important pillars for a safe defence organisation, in the Netherlands and beyond. The Minister of Defence is ultimately responsible for this matter.
The Board issues the following recommendations to the Minister of Defence:
  1. Ensure risk management is suitable for the current and future deployment of Dutch armed forces;
  2. Prior to taking a final decision about participating in an international military mission, as well as when changes to missions occur, clarify whether, and in which way, the safety and health of the military personnel to be deployed will be safeguarded;
  3. Improve care for weapons and ammunition so that they are suitable for use in the conditions that may occur during missions;
  4. Improve the acute medical care available during international military missions





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