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Interim statement ‘Emergency landing after loss of engine power, Cessna 208B, west of Teuge Airport’

The aircraft took off from Teuge Airport with 1 pilot and 17 parachutists on board. Shortly after take-off, the aircraft lost engine power, after which the pilot made an emergency landing in a field, next to a highway. The aircraft collided with a billboard with the right wing, then made a ground swing and came to a stop against the crash barrier of the highway. The aircraft was heavily damaged. One parachutist sustained a minor injury.

The investigation is exploring the following aspects: technical investigation and analysis of the engine and components, including the propeller governor, and maintenance procedures and activities.

The process of collecting factual information has been completed. On 30 December 2021, the Dutch Safety Board issued a safety alert regarding the installation of the monopole (magnetic pick-up) in the propeller governor. The final report of the investigation will be published in due course.

The safety alert is published here: