The Dutch Safety Board is launching an investigation into the way in which citizens in the Netherlands are protected against the risks of harmful industrial emissions and discharges, sometimes over a period of many years. Exposure to industrial substances can cause harm to human health. This may be the result of single emissions or discharges, or an accumulation of substances over the course of time. Part of the investigation will consider the extent to which the health effects on local residents are taken into consideration when permitting and monitoring long-term industrial emissions.

For the purpose of this study the Safety Board will be investigating the situation around Tata Steel in IJmuiden and possibly other industrial complexes in the Netherlands that are subject to similar problems. In September 2021 the Board announced the expansion of its investigation to include the regions of Nijmegen and Dordrecht.



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    Investigation into risks for local residents from industrial emissions expanded

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    Start of investigation into risks for local residents from industrial emissions

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