The UK-165 Lummetje and the UK-171 Spes Salutis capsized prior to sinking. Both trawlers experienced a heeling moment that caused them to capsize. The two crew members of the UK-165 lost their lives. They were unable to escape from the wheelhouse on time. The three crew members of the UK-171 did succeed in saving themselves and each other. They were rescued on time.

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Both the UK-165 and the UK-171 faced an unintended occurrence affecting one of the sets of gear. Nonetheless, this occurrence itself was not the direct cause of the capsizing. The snagging of the UK-165 on the wreck of the Ruth did not result immediately in the capsizing of the trawler. In the case of the UK-171, the jolting of the gear was not the direct cause of the capsizing. The swinging upwards of the starboard outrigger boom on the UK-171 was also not immediately fatal for the vessel.

The report describing both occurences is published on the page 'Capsizing and sinking of fishing vessels - Lessons learned from the occurrences involving the UK-165 Lummetje and the UK-171 Spes Salutis'.


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    Dutch Safety Board issues interim warning to trawlers

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