The Dutch Safety Board has started an investigation into the approach of the Corona crisis by the Dutch government and other parties involved. This is partly in response to a request from the Dutch cabinet (notice of request to the House of Representatives, letter minister of Justice and Security, and letter Safety Board).

With the investigation the Board will look at the preparations for a pandemic, crisis management, the measures taken and the phasing out of these measures. The Safety Board will also look at the effects of the corona crisis on the safety of vulnerable people in the society, for example due to discontinuation of regular care or social services. Medical treatments and economic support measures fall outside of the scope of the investigation. The goal of the investigation is to draw lessons for potential future epidemics.



  • Update

    Onderzoeksraad publiceert resultaten coronaonderzoek in deelrapporten

  • Update

    Supervisory committee formed for investigation corona crisis

  • Update

    Onderzoek corona-crisisaanpak nu op volle kracht

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