The pilot and his passenger in a Reims Aviation F172N, registered as PH-EAM, flew from aerodrome Midden-Zeeland (EHMZ) to Lelystad Airport (EHLE). During a crosswind landing the pilot lost control over the aircraft, whereupon it veered off to the left leaving the paved runway and turning over its nose. It came to a stop in an inverted position without injuries to the occupants. The nose wheel strut was broken, one propeller blade was bent and the wings of the aircraft were damaged.

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Crosswind landing

The pilot lost control, because he did not apply the proper technique for a crosswind landing. Consequently, during landing roll out the left main wheel came off the runway whilst the remaining wheels no longer aligned with the direction of movement. These two factors reduced braking capacity. The investigation revealed that the pilot experienced a significantly stronger crosswind than he had anticipated.


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