Accessibility Statement

This Accessibility Statement was drawn up on 15 October 2018.

The Dutch Safety Board aims to meet the accessibility requirements of at level AA as soon as possible. Among other things, complying with this standard will make our website more user-friendly and more accessible to a variety of target groups.

This Statement concerns the following website(s):

  1. (main website)

Approach for improving the accessibility of our website

In order to promote compliance with the accessibility requirements mentioned above, we have taken the following steps:

  • Investigation: the accessibility of our website or parts thereof is verified periodically by independent experts. Any bottlenecks found are addressed with a view to the long term.
  • Pre-publication internal check: the accessibility of all content is verified by our editorial team prior to publication.
  • Periodic internal check: our content is verified periodically by our editorial team.

Are you experiencing problems accessing our website?

If you experience any problems accessing our website in spite of the measures that we have already taken, please let us know. View our contact details.