Working at the Dutch Safety Board

Challenging, diverse and relevant. The Dutch Safety Board provides its employees wide-ranging and varied work.

Living safely, working safely, safety; it is not as obvious as it sounds.

In spite of all our knowledge, technology and procedures, major accidents and even disasters do sometimes occur in the Netherlands. Often, it is more than just a case of bad luck, which is why it is important to find out exactly what has gone wrong so it will not happen again.

Small and professional

Investigating incidents and disasters to prevent them from happening again is the most important task of the Dutch Safety Board. This task is performed by around 70 staff under the leadership of the General Secretary. Most of these staff are investigators. The Dutch Safety Board is a small, professional organisation that places high demands on the quality of its reports. Three core values are key to the Board’s work: independence, transparency and expertise. In-depth subject knowledge, flexibility and the ability to work in a team are crucial. It is also important that staff know how to apply and share their knowledge in an optimal manner. The organisation is characterised by open and critical dialogue as well as a high degree of independence and integrity. 

The Board as an employer

The Dutch Safety Board offers its staff varied and wide-ranging work. Every investigation is different and leads to new insights. Collaboration with Board members and relevant agencies such as inspectorates as well as sector organisations appeals to people who work diligently and critically throughout the investigation process.

The 'CAO Rijk' applies to all employees of the Dutch Safety Board.


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