Working at the Dutch Safety Board

What the Dutch Safety Board stands for
The Dutch Safety Board, which comprises the Board and the Bureau, is responsible for the carrying out of independent investigations into the causes of incidents. It looks for systematic safety shortcomings and reports to the parties involved and to the general public. This makes the investigation the most important part of our work, with its product being in all cases a report.

The Board is a small, professional organisation that sets high quality standards for the reports it publishes. This is why the Board sets great store by the following: having proper collaboration, sharing and utilising knowledge in the best possible way, and having open and critical dialogue, a flexible and cooperative attitude and a high degree of autonomy and integrity. These are all factors that in addition to our specialist knowhow play a major role in ensuring that our activities achieve their desired outcomes.

The Board as employer
The Dutch Safety Board offers its employees a broad range and variety of jobs, as each investigation is different and reveals new insights. Collaboration with the Board members and with the institutions involved such as inspectorates and trade associations means that employees have to take a critical approach at all times during the investigatory process.

The legal position of our employees is governed by the Algemeen Rijks Ambtenaren Reglement ARAR, the General Public Service Regulations. We have a 36-hour working week, with commuting expenses being reimbursed on the basis of travel on 1st class public transport. Employees will be given every opportunity for self-development through courses and training programmes that will also help them to develop specific knowledge and skills for their current and future positions.