Sector Sea shipping

Shipping Occurrences Report November 2017 - April 2018


A ship is a potentially hazardous environment. Having the necessary practical experience is a key factor in dealing with those hazards. The Dutch Safety Board regularly investigates (fatal) accidents involving (the least experienced) crew members. This report therefore focuses clear attention on the importance of acquiring practical experience under supervision, in a high-risk environment.

In addition to lack of experience, another common cause of accidents in a high-risk environment is overconfidence in a person’s capabilities. Modern technical systems offer huge capabilities and often determine the conditions in which vessels are able to operate. However, the fact that a ship is permitted to sail in all conditions does not necessarily mean that it should do so. At the end of the day, the knowledge and experience of the crew are decisive in how a potentially hazardous situation turns out, in a particular case.


  • Start date 1 nov. 2017
  • End date 30 apr. 2018
  • Type investigationFull
  • Status investigationClosed

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