Sector Sea shipping

Collision involving crane on board Lady Christina, 15 november 2017 Rauma, Finland


On Wednesday 15 November 2017, the Dutch freighter Lady Christina was moored in the port of Rauma (Finland), where it had unloaded a cargo of china clay. After the unloading, the ship was cleaned by the crew. During the cleaning work, the ship’s crane moved over the hatch coaming, which was cleaned from the crane. At around 9.30 hours, a Filipino crew member was found on the port gangway. The crew member was found with a very serious injury to the neck. It was immediately clear that the victim was dead. It is highly probable that the crew member became trapped between the crane moving on the hatch coaming and a horizontal structural element in the gangway.


  • Start date 15 nov. 2017
  • End date 9 mei 2018
  • Type investigationShort
  • Status investigationClosed

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