Sector Sea shipping

Shipping Occurrences Report May - November 2017


The shipping occurrences investigated by the Dutch Safety Board show that human action is often one of the causes of an accident, but sometimes also prevents occurrences. This report focuses on the most common human-related risk factors.  
Safety on-board depends to a great extent on how crew anticipate on a quickly changing environment. For this they must always be aware of the risk factors. Partly this requires specific knowledge and experience that is related to working on a ship. These factors are in part sector dependent. Assessing them correctly therefore requires sector-specific know-how and experience.
Other risk factors are, on the contrary, more general in their nature and mainly also occur outside the shipping industry. An example is Fatigue. This causes significant risks during shipping operations, but also when driving a car. It is mainly the general non-sector linked risk factors that cause the most accidents in practice.


  • Start date 1 mei 2017
  • End date 30 nov. 2018
  • Type investigationFull
  • Status investigationClosed

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