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Constructing structural safety Lessons from the Eindhoven Airport parking building collapse


Last year the multi-storey car park at Eindhoven Airport collapsed due to the floor slabs being used in a non-standard way without due consideration being given to the consequences. As a result, there was insufficient reinforcement in those places where the floor slabs joined. The Board notes that the construction sector is still failing to adequately and structurally manage the safety risks involved in construction projects.

On 27 May 2017 a section of the car park at Eindhoven Airport collapsed. The building was nearly complete and was set to be commissioned a month later. The investigation carried out by the Board reveals that the floor slabs were laid in a non-standard way. The decision in the design to turn the floor slabs 90° resulted in the seams between the slabs being in the place where the floor sags most. The upshot of this was a vulnerable floor design, and extra attention should have been paid to the design of the seams between the floor slabs. However, this was not done, as a result of which the seam reinforcement was too short.

As was the case in previous construction investigations carried out by the Board, it emerges that there was a lack of clarity regarding responsibilities in the case of the collapsed multi-storey car park in Eindhoven, with no central party overseeing the risks for the overall construction process.


  • Start date 22 jun. 2017
  • End date 18 okt. 2018
  • Type investigationFull
  • Status investigationClosed


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