Sector Sea shipping

Collision in anchorage area, 8 February 2016 Maas Approach


On Monday, 8 February 2016, the Hong Kong tanker Atlantic Jupiter collided with the Dutch cargo vessel, Arklow Rambler. Both ships were seriously damaged.

The collision occurred in anchorage area 4E, close to the Port of Rotterdam, where both ships were at anchor. Due to adverse weather conditions, the anchors of both ships provided insufficient grip and both ships drifted from their position. The Atlantic Jupiter decided to hoist anchor and wait for the weather to improve while under power. During the manoeuvre, the distance between both ships became increasingly smaller, up until the point at which a collision was unavoidable.


  • Start date 15 mrt. 2016
  • End date 28 feb. 2017
  • Type investigationShort
  • Status investigationClosed

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