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Gear collapse during landing, 23 February 2017 Amsterdam Airport Schiphol


On 23 February 2017 the aircraft registered G-JECP made a scheduled international flight from Edinburgh in the United Kingdom to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AAS, Schiphol) in the Netherlands. During landing at Schiphol at around 16:55 local time, almost immediately after touchdown, the right-hand main landing gear collapsed, causing the aircraft to roll to the right with the right-hand wing tip, right-hand engine nacelle and right aft body structure contacting the runway. After sliding over the runway for several hundred meters, the aircraft came to a stop. All occupants were evacuated and the crew shut down the aircraft. There were no injuries. The aircraft was substantially damaged as a result of the accident. The accident occurred in daylight under visual meteorological conditions (VMC).


  • Start date 27 feb. 2017
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  • Type investigationShort
  • Status investigationClosed


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