Sector Aviation

Landing with retracted landing gear, 21 March 2016 Maastricht Aachen Airport


The single-engine propeller aeroplane departed Maastricht Aachen Airport for a local training flight under instrument flight rules. On board were the instructor and a trainee pilot. During landing, the bottom of the aeroplane fuselage and its propeller made contact with the runway. At that moment, both occupants realised that the aeroplane’s landing gear had not been lowered during the approach and a climb was initiated. After the landing, it turned out that the aeroplane’s propeller had been severely damaged and that the aeroplane had suffered some minor damage to its lower fuselage. Neither occupant was injured.

The report can be found in the Quarterly Report Aviation for the second quarter of 2016.


  • Start date 21 mrt. 2016
  • End date 30 jun. 2016
  • Type investigationShort
  • Status investigationClosed

Wrap up