Sector Aviation

Investigation into air traffic safety at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol


Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has expanded to become one of Europe’s main civil aviation hubs. It is a complex airport, both in terms of its infrastructure  and in terms of how air traffic is handled. This complexity entails certain risks for air traffic. Schiphol is approaching the limits of its ability to handle air traffic safely within the current operational system. The investigation found no evidence to suggest that safety at Schiphol is inadequate. However, the investigation did reveal a number of safety risks that need to be tackled.  The Dutch Safety Board notes that further growth of Schiphol will require more than marginal adjustments to the existing policy. This calls for a fundamental debate on the future of aviation in the Netherlands and on the options and limitations regarding Schiphol’s further growth. The Dutch State has final responsibility for the integral safety of air traffic at and around the airport.


  • Start date 2 mrt. 2016
  • End date 6 apr. 2017
  • Type investigationFull
  • Status investigationClosed


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