Sector Crisis management and relief

Medical assistance on the North Sea


There are systematic shortcomings in how medical assistance is provided on the North Sea, which can lead to sick and wounded people not receiving effective, safe and prompt care.
The Coastguard’s current process organisation is not appropriate for providing
emergency medical care.
The Dutch Safety Board investigated the death of a sport diver on 11 July 2015. While diving in the North Sea, the diver became unwell and assistance was organised through the Coastguard. By helicopter and ambulance the diver was finally transferred to a hospital in Antwerp, where the victim died that same evening.
The Dutch Safety Board investigated the manner in which the assistance was organised and coordinated, as well as how the various parties involved coordinated their actions. The Board also focused on the organisation of medical assistance on the North Sea in general.


  • Start date 28 jul. 2015
  • End date 7 jul. 2016
  • Type investigationFull
  • Status investigationClosed

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