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Carbon monoxide - Understated and misunderstood danger


Investigation by the Dutch Safety Board to carbon monoxide accidents shows that 46% of the accidents happen with a central heating system; most modern and well kept. This is different from the image that especially old geysers or poorly maintained equipment would produce too much carbon monoxide. The Board also says in the report released today that periodic maintenance on installations no adequate protection against carbon monoxide accident. The various quality labels such as mark approvals and certifications to offer little guaranteed for actual professional construction and safe maintenance. Also carbon monoxide detectors perform their warning function not flawlessly.
So far, it is assumed that each year at least five to ten deaths by exposure to an increased concentration of carbon monoxide and several hundred wounded. The estimation of the Dutch Safety Board is the dimension of the problem with carbon monoxide three to five times as big. The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, however, are often not recognized so that a correct diagnosis is not provided.


  • Start date 11 jun. 2014
  • End date 18 nov. 2015
  • Type investigationFull
  • Status investigationClosed


Carbon monoxide - Understated and misunderstood danger

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