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Train derailment Hilversum


On Wednesday 15 January 2014 an intercity train derailed when it passed a switch shortly after leaving Hilversum station. After the first section of the train had travelled in a straight direction over the switch, the rear section of the train was suddenly directed onto the adjacent track, as a result of which the train derailed. A train travelling in the opposite direction was brought to a standstill in time to avoid a collision. As the failure of a switch can result in a major accident, the Safety Board initiated an investigation.


  • Start date 21 jan. 2014
  • End date 18 dec. 2014
  • Type investigationFull
  • Status investigationClosed


  • Persberichten 18 dec. 2014

    Overdue switch maintenance contributed to derailment in Hilversum

    The derailment near Hilversum station on 15 January this year was partly caused by overdue switch maintenance, the Dutch Safety Board writes in its report published today. The Safety Board points out the risk that rail safety could unintentionally be compromised if maintenance becomes too unilaterally focused on the prevention of train service disruptions.

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