Ruwaard van Putten hospital
Sector Health care

Vulnerable care: impasse in the Ruwaard van Putten Hospital


In December 2012, the results of the medical file investigation carried out by MediRede became public. The investigation was done in response to the increased mortality rate in the Ruwaard van Putten Hospital in Spijkenisse,. These results made the Health Inspectorate order that the four cardiologists were no longer allowed to be in service until further notice. According to MediRede, during the year 2010 they had made inaccurate diagnoses in cardiac patients in some cases and took too little account of other diseases that these patients suffered from. Also, they would have decided quickly that a patient could no longer be treated, and they would have given morphine to dying patients without taking the relevant guidelines into account.

In January 2013, the Safety Board decided to investigate the events in the hospital. Reasons to do so were the societal questions about morphine and end of life issues, but also broader questions about patient safety and the fact that the hospital was accredited and apparently still not safe.


  • Start date 9 jan. 2013
  • End date 3 dec. 2013
  • Type investigationFull
  • Status investigationClosed