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Quarterly Report Aviation 2nd quarter 2016

  • Source: Dutch Safety Board
  • Source: Pilot PH-1440
  • Source: Dutch Safety Board
  • Source: Texel Airport
  • Source: Royal Netherlands Military Police
  • Source: flying school
  • Source: W. Scolaro
  • Source: Dutch Safety Board
  • Source: BFU
  • Source: K. van Aggelen
  • Source: ANSV
  • Source: KBSZ
  • Source: Pilot in command PH-1070
  • Source: SHK
  • Source: Dutch Safety Board

In this quarterly report aviation you will find information about all serious incidents and accidents with aircraft that have been reported in the second quarter of 2016 to the Dutch Safety Board, the investigations that have been started and which reports are published.

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