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Investigation crash MH17, 17 July 2014

  • Source: Mir Zafriz, Figure 1: Archive photo of aircraft involved
  • Source: Dutch Safety Board
  • Wreckage MH17
  • Source: Dutch Safety Board Video about the investigation into the causes of the crash of flight MH17.
  • Source: Ministry of Defence Wreckage MH17
  • Source: Ministry of Defence Short impression of the recovery of MH17 wreckage in Ukraine from 16 to 23 November 2014.
  • Source: Ministry of Defence Recovery wreckage flight MH17 wednesday November 19
  • Source: Ministry of Defence Recovery wreckage flight MH17 wednesday November 19
  • Source: Ministry of Defence Wreckage of flight MH17
  • Source: Ministry of Defence Wreckage of flight MH17
  • Crash MH17 - Chairman Tjibbe Joustra about the preliminary report
  • Source: UkSATSE Figure 2: Image of the Dnipropetrovs'k FIR, CTA 2 and 4, the flown (red line) and ATC cleared (dotted red line) route of flight MH17. Also the aircraft type and flight level of the three commercial aircraft flying in the same area are shown. The image depicts the situation at 13:20 hrs.
  • Source: KNMI Figure 3:Cloud coverage for 17 July at 12.00 hrs. (This image was chosen from the available satellite images. The time this image was made, was the most close to the time of the accident.) The circled green dot indicates the last position of aircraft. The orange area south-west of the accident location contains mostly Cumulonimbus clouds with possible thundershowers.
  • Source: AAIB Figure 4: Cockpit voice recorder
  • Source: AAIB Figure 5: Flight data recorder
  • Source: Google Earth, wreckage information Dutch Safety Board Figure 6: The last location of the aircraft in flight taken from the FDR. Wreckage distribution is grouped per section of the aircraft.
  • Figure 7: Identification of wreckage found (black lines, orange parts), and where they originated from the aircraft.
  • Source: DCA and AFP Figure 8: Forward fuselage skin from below the left cockpit window containing numerous small holes and indentations (above); enlarged image of the right upper corner of this skin (below) showing punture holes (orange arrow) and pitting (red arrow).
  • Source: DCA Figure 9: Part of the inside cockpit roof, indicating penetration with objects from outside.
  • Source: NBAAI Figure 10: Cockpit floor with parts showing puncture holes (red circles) coming from above the floor.
  • Source: NBAAI Figure 11: Main wreckage site showing engine parts (1), wing with inspection hatches (2) and main landing gear (3).
  • Source: DCA Figure 12: Vertical tail
  • Source: NBAAI Figure 13: Aft fuselage skin, right side, with partial registration of the aircraft.
  • Source: Dutch Safety Board Appendix A - Preliminary FDR Data
  • Source: ANP

The Dutch Safety Board is investigating the accident to flight MH17 which occurred at Thursday 17th of July 2014 in the region of Donetsk (Ukraine). The Dutch Safety Board will be doing all it can to provide a clear view of the cause of the accident. The investigation is operated in accordance...

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